Psychtoolbox-3 Flavors, Versions, and Version Numbers

Flavors of PTB-3

Historically, PTB-3 was available in two different flavors, but only one flavor - beta - matters nowadays:

Before we apply potentially disruptive changes to beta, we release a new version of Psychtoolbox, named Psychtoolbox-x.y.z with x.y.z being the version number. An example of such a disruptive change would be discontinuation of support for an operating system, Matlab version or computer hardware platform. We recommend sticking to the default beta flavor unless you have good reason not to do so.

Version numbers

The Psychtoolbox-3 version is a three digit number, e.g. 3.0.11. The first digit is always 3. We bump the second or third digit only for major releases, but these happen only periodically. Usually we only update the beta branch of PTB for the purpose of introducing single bug fixes, new features or incremental improvements. Thus the beta branch varies continuously, and the incremental updates are differentiated by their SVN revision number. Executing the command PsychtoolboxVersion should return the version number, flavor and revision number of your current Psychtoolbox. The command also prints a weblink which points you to the online weblog where you can read in detail what has changed between different revisions.

Previous releases

The following releases of old Psychtoolbox versions are available. We highly recommend avoiding any versions of the OpenGL toolbox with version numbers earlier than this. There were some unfortunately numbered versions 1.0.x released earlier in the development of PTB-3, but this numbering caused so much confusion with respect to PTB Version 2 that we have now abandoned that system.

- For download of these old versions, use the DownloadPsychtoolbox function:

- For download of these very old legacy versions, use the DownloadLegacyPsychtoolbox function:
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