Psychtoolbox-3 Email Forum

How to use the forum - A quick primer:

The Psychtoolbox user community is big and active. The forum has over 1500 members and about 4 messages a day. If you have questions about the toolbox, first try searching this wiki ("Search: []" at bottom of this page) then try searching the forum for answers to similar questions. Also try Google for a search of the forum, sometimes it is more effective than our search functions!

If you are looking for examples on how to achieve specific tasks, please take your time to run, read the help, and look at the code of our demo scripts in the Psychtoolbox/PsychDemos folder and its subfolders. If you are a newbie or switching from the old Psychtoolbox-2 to Psychtoolbox-3, make sure to read the introductory PDF file in the Psychtoolbox/PsychDocumentation subfolder. help Psychtoolbox will give you an introduction into our online help files and where to find what.

If you still have a question, try posting it on the forum. Bug reports and feature requests should be posted on the forum. When you post a question, it helps a lot if you mention what exact version of the PTB you're using (Type PsychtoolboxVersion and mention its output for the most complete version information, the SVN revision number is the most important thing to mention!) and what platform (OSX, Win 2000, Win XP, OS9, Linux, ...) you're running on. If it's a bug, please try to include a minimal-length program that your readers can run to reproduce the flaw. If PTB prints any warning or error messages, please first read them carefully, then follow any pointers to troubleshooting information contained in those error messages. If you post to the forum, copy & paste such error messages into your forum message - they contain valuable information for troubleshooting. In general, provide as much detail about your setup - hardware and software - about output of PTB etc. as possible. Too much information is better than not enough information! Please sign with your name and affiliation, so that responders can address you by name. Name and affiliation also sometimes help to locate your labs homepage to get some context for your question - background information often helps in troubleshooting or optimizing the response to your requests.

The online document "How To Report Bugs Effectively" is a great guide on how to report a potential bug in an effective way - one that is likely to facilitate a quick bugfix. Read it! Take a few minutes to read and follow it and it will likely save you hours, days or weeks of waiting for help or a bug fix. It applies to pretty much any technical support forum, not only Psychtoolbox. Our BugReports section has a lot more detailed instructions on effective bug reporting.

The document "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way" also contains lots of good tips on how to behave on technical support forums. It's a bit longish, and some portions don't apply directly to PTB, but if you are a newbie you should take the time to quickly read over it and at least get the gist of it. You'll save yourself and people that are willing to help you a lot of time and nerves! Not following its gist will likely not elicit any response on the forum at all - or at least not any helpful response ;-)

If you liked the service of your colleagues:

Please help other PTB users. When you get (or just see) a particularly helpful answer on the forum, we'll all be grateful if you would copy it to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for everyone's benefit. You may want to edit it a bit, deleting the irrelevant and perhaps making the relevent context more explicit. If you do create a new Q&A, you may also want to post a note in the forum, saying you've done so, and perhaps suggesting which PTB files should have links in their HELP text pointing to your new Q&A. This will put your new help at every user's fingertips.
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