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==== Psychtoolbox-3 ====

Psychophysics Toolbox Version 3 (PTB-3) is a free set of [[ Matlab]] and [[ GNU/Octave]] functions for vision research. It makes it easy to synthesize and show accurately controlled visual and auditory stimuli and interact with the observer. It has at least fifteen thousand active users (see [[PsychtoolboxOverview Overview]]), an active [[PsychtoolboxForum forum]], and is highly [[ cited]]. PTB-3 is based on the Psychophysics Toolbox Version 2 (PTB-2) but its Matlab extensions (in C) were rewritten to be more modular and use ""OpenGL"". This Wiki describes the current version (PTB-3), which runs with Matlab 7.x and Octave 3.2.x on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows (see [[SystemRequirements System Requirements]]). The old PTB-2, for Mac OS 9 and Windows, still used in many labs, remains [[ available]] but is no longer developed or supported.

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<< ==== Table of Contents ====
**[[PsychtoolboxNews News]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxOverview Overview]]**
**[[SystemRequirements System Requirements]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxDownload Downloading and Installing the Toolbox]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxTutorial Tutorial]]**
**[[ Function Reference]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxFaq Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxForum Forum]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxVersions Flavors and Versions]]**
**[[PlatformDifferences Platform Differences and Writing Portable Code]]**
**[[BugReports Bugs]]**
**[[FeatureRequests Feature Requests]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxHardwareSupport Hardware Support]]**
**[[InstallSource C Source Code for the Psychtoolbox MEX Files]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxLinks Useful Links]]**
**[[PsychtoolboxCredits History, Credits, License, and Citing Your Use of the Toolbox]]**
**[[ContributeToWiki Contribute to this Wiki (and the PTB Software)]]**
**[[UserContributed User Contributed Software]]**
**[[ Old Wiki]]**
**[[ Old PTB-2 (OS 9 and Win) Psychtoolbox Website]]**
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