Psychtoolbox-3 - Contributing to the Psychtoolbox Wiki

We welcome user contributions and improvements. Once you login, you can double-click and edit any page.

Useful pages: FormattingRules, WikkaDocumentation, OrphanedPages, WantedPages, TextSearch. This site is running WikkaWiki version n/a (see WikkaReleaseNotes).

Psychtoolbox Forum & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When you get (or just see) a particularly helpful answer on the forum, we'll all be grateful if you would copy it to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for everyone's benefit. You may want to edit it a bit, deleting the irrelevant and perhaps making the relevent context more explicit. If you do create a new Q&A, you may also want to post a note in the forum, saying you've done so, and perhaps suggesting which Psychtoolbox files should have links in their HELP text pointing to your new Q&A. This will put your new help at every user's fingertips. More detailed instructions for adding a FAQ and its answer are here.

Old PTB-2 Website
The old Psychtoolbox website is still available and has some pages with still-useful information. A PTB-2&3 search button is provided at the top of every page of that website. If you run across material there that is still current, you may want to copy it from the web page and use it to create a new wiki page here.

Old Wiki
We are in the process of incorporating the content of the old Psychtoolbox Wiki. Please feel free to help out by moving useful content from there to here.

How to help develop the toolbox

With Psychtoolbox-3 we have moved to an open source development model, and we welcome contributions from users like yourself. If you improve a particular M file in the Psychtoolbox, we'll want to incorporate your improved version into the toolbox. If you do this often, we can arrange for you to have write access to the toolbox SVN source repository. To find out more, write to the current active developers.
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