Psychtoolbox-3 Bugs

So you found a bug

Don't be shocked if you find a bug. Do tell us so we can fix it, but first please execute the UpdatePsychtoolbox command to make sure that you have the most recent (and most bug-free) release. Perhaps your bug has already been fixed. Bugs get fixed in the 'beta' (i.e. current) branch of PTB.

Report your bug on the Psychtoolbox issue tracker on Github. You need to create a free account there.

What we expect from useful bug reports

The ideal bug report includes not only a terse description of the problem, the following items help to get to the bottom of the problem because PTB runs on so diverse setups

If you issue the command Screen('Preference', 'Verbosity', 10); before running the troublesome script, PTB will create much more output to the Matlab console, which will also aid in debugging.

More things to consider:

Known issues and non-bugs

Fixed bugs:
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